Offshore SEO Agency: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

When we talk about offshore SEO agency, I’m sure you knew enough about the Meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime. If you’re in need of some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you’ll have to follow these step by step guides that will bring in more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish. These are my view on the offshore SEO agency insights:


  1. Make Use of SEO Friendly URLs

Google has stated that the first 3-5 words in a URL are given more important so make your URLs short, straightforward, meaningful, and sweet and always include your target keyword in your URL.

Use pretty URLs:

Avoid the use of long URLs:

  1. You Need to Start Title with Keyword

Your title tag is important in offshore SEO agency. Thus, the closer your keyword is to your title tag, the more important it has with search engines.

  1. Use Modifiers to Your Title

The use of modifiers like 2016, cool, buy, and review can help to inform users on what to expect on your web page.

  1. Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag

H1 tag (Heading tag) give the user a clear idea of what your page content is all about, automatically add the H1 tag to your blog post title and it gives you a quick overview of the content. If that’s the case, you’re all set. But some themes interrupt this setting. Check your website’s code to make sure your title gets the H1 tag love it deserves.

  1. Dazzle with Multimedia

Content is more than just text, so think about what type of visual content you can incorporate into your page. Engaging avatars, videos, and diagrams also increase your target audience.

  1. Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags

Insert your target keyword in at least once in the subheading. H2 is the subheadings of H1 use it to divide content and wrap it in an H2 tag both Google and your audience will like it.

  1. Insert Keyword in First 100 Words

Your keyword should visible in the first 100 words of your article.

  1. Use Responsive Design

Large numbers of people use either smartphones or tablets to browse the internet, it is important to create a website which works across multiple platforms. Responsive design boosts the chance of websites succeeding

  1. Use Outbound Links

These are links that direct you to another specific web page or website altogether and it also helps boost the confidence and quality of your site which plays an important role in your blog.

  1. Use Internal Links

Great content attracts internal links, this is one of the major elements of your SEO strategy. Use 2 to 3 links in every post.

  1. Boost Site or blog Speed

You can increase your site speed by using a CDN, compressing  your website images, and switching to faster hosting. Make sure your site do not use more than 4 seconds to load

  1. Sprinkle LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are keys that Google uses to determine relevantly and quality page in the search engine. Sprinkle the keywords into every post.

  1. Image Optimization

At least one image or screenshot file name must be used in your target keyword for example, offshore_SEO.png and that target keyword is part of your image Alt Text.

  1. Make Use of Social Sharing Buttons

Social shares generate more audience on your content and the more audience you get; the more likely users are linked with you. So use social sharing buttons prominently on your site.

  1. Post Long Content

Long content, on average earns more engagement, higher rankings, and more shares on Google`s first page than short content.

  1. Boost Dwell Time

Google uses dwell time to size up your contents quality. Boost your average dwell time by writing long, relevant and engaging content that keeps your audience reading.

Other few more important offshore SEO agency factors that I didn’t have room to include are:

  • Quality content
  • Encourage blog comments

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