10 Red Flags That Signal Dodgy SEO Service?

Are you tempted by an SEO service provider claiming “guaranteed SEO services”? As said by many experts and experienced by business owners, guarantee is the signal of dishonesty in the world of Internet marketing. Besides these, here are ten other red flags of dodge SEO service providers that may leave you in ruins. Read and follow these carefully.

10 Bad SEO Tactics

10 Signs of Poor SEO Service Providers

Poor and Duplicate Content

If you are noticing similar content with minor changes everywhere – in Meta descriptions of various products, ad copies, etc., then your service provider may be practicing poor and duplicate content for your website. Simply, copy a sentence from any post, put it in double quotes and search it on Google. If you get huge search results for this, it means something is bad with your content.

Outdated SEO Tactics

If you ever get doubtful that your service provider is using old tactics and is not updated with the latest information, just run away from them. Keep yourself little updated with SEO knowledge, though you don’t have to an expert.

All You Get Is Blog Posts

Remember, blog post is just a single and important element of search engine optimization. If your expert is loading the web or your website with blog posts only, it means something is really wrong with him or her.

Artificially Lowered Bounce Rate

Bounce rate represents your visitor’s engagement. If your SEO provider promises to lower bounce rate, ask them how they’re going to do this. All dodge providers artificially lower the bounce rate by adding a script that pings Google Analytics thousands of times a day showing that a user is on the page. It is really of no use.

A la carte SEO Services

A fully established SEO service package includes everything required to improve your visibility on the Internet. A good service provider knows that you don’t know anything about how to increase visibility. If your service provider gives you a menu of services and asks you to make your own package, that’s not a good deal.

Guaranteed SEO Services

As mentioned above, the guarantee is suspicious of low quality services and dishonest service provider. Even the top companies in India provide guaranteed SEO services India but they do not guarantee #1 rankings.

Cheap SEO

SEO is not cheap. A good search engine optimization requires a whole team of on-page experts, off-page optimizers, and content writers, designer to work together. Also, you need a few paid tools and all this involves expenses – a significant amount of money. So, it’s never cheap.

Setup fees for SEO

There are no setup fees involved in SEO. But if your provider asks you for this, ask them why and how they are going to use it. This is just the way of making extra money from clients. No matter what, never pay any setup fees.

No access to Google Analytics

If your provider refuses to give you access to your Google Analytics account, just go away from them as fast as possible. There is no reason why your provider should deny this. Also, if your provider doesn’t ask for a Google Analytics account, set up by you, avoid them. What they are going to do if they don’t use Google Analytics?

No monthly reporting

Your provider must provider SEO reports on a regular basis. A good report includes not only keyword ranking, but also shows organic traffic and lead trends over time.


If you end up hiring a dishonest SEO provider or someone who guarantees SEO services in India, it will be a total waste of your investment. Keep certain things in mind and choose a provider who is far from the red signals of poor services.


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