Two latest Free PPC Keyword Tools: Word Stream’s Free Keyword Niche Finder & Free Keyword Grouper

On Word Stream, we recently setup a few set of open tools that is considered valuable to professional search marketers. I’ll show you how these work plus things for which they may be utilized.

The initial tool is The Free Keyword Niche Finder. Fundamentally, the logic is that instead of proposing solo keyword suggestions. We’re displaying a couple of keywords compartments (or keywords slot) that are most widely used.


The following makes it valued:

Keyword Niches Versus Single Keywords– it allows for order with respect to content, keyword targeting and the campaign/Ad Group invention built on a whole “keyword universe” relating to your title. Countless times, you come across widely recognized keyword you could aim to have a lasting effect but not all the time.

Suggested Keyword Variations – this illustrates general distinctions surrounding an assumed keyword collection, or niche- it allows you to vary page content and anchor text; something real SEOs advocate – and aids correct cluster wide-ranging PPC campaigns or Ad Groups

Campaign Structure Suggestions– promotes the invention of a fine semantically-themes campaign plus/or Ad Group organization for professional search account creation.

Campaign structure ideas- We’ll take a walk through every one of these benefits, and thereafter present another tool known as The Free Keyword Grouper.

“Keyword Niches” Versus Single Keywords

One fascinating thing is comparing effects of a local keyword to the free keyword Niche Finder.

Its captivating really, especially the variance between both outcomes, as well as how they operate. The Free Keyword Tool revisits the dimensions of outcomes using diverse bases (ISPs, search engines, and toolbars). The free Keyword Niche Finder, in the meantime, makes use of the same facts that the Free Keyword Tool uses(our own database) and then gather the figures semantically.

The amassed keyword “niches” are more fixed on Labels. If we go further into the renovated laptops- ibm collection, we acquire a generous knowledge on how the tail on brands are longer.

Thus, while” rummage-scale laptops” is a more common solo demand than “renovated laptops ibm” , the total of renovated laptops keyword niche is very much higher, and also holds more precise, purchase-focused conditions.

By comparing the data closely, it certainly reveals that IBM renovated laptops are a more lucrative keyword niche to jump on.

Suggested keyword variations within a group

This tool likewise relays carefully associated differences, as seen above, such that one can build up a solo landing page and Ad Group /ad text to aim at a range of phases, making your campaigns produce additional ROI and to gain accessibility

PPC Campaign Structure Ideas

One smart advantage of this tool via a Outsource PPC management standpoint is that when implementing a fresh funded examination account or campaign, you could get limitless ideas foe either high-level campaign suggestions, or better still actionable Ad Groups (depending on the term you lay in).  After the example above, we may change each of the top ten ideas into high-level campaigns. Then, we may trim down to get precise Ad Groups for every one of our campaigns. Using one of the well-known niches, renovated laptops- dell, and input the keyword into the Niche finder.

Supposing we make use of renovated Dell Laptops as a campaign, these will progress into a chain of very taut Ad Groups, starting from about 10 keywords to around 35, thereby permitting us to develop a very aimed ad and craft an explicit, enthralling landing page for every group.

The Free Keyword Grouper – Discovering Keyword Niches in Your Lists and Data

Some extra open tools, the Free Keyword Grouper, deals an analogously nice role, but in place of requesting for a keyword as response, it clusters the standing data ( if you get a list from a keyword suggestion tool like the SEO Book Keyword suggestion tool or Word Stream’s Free Keyword Tool), or enables you to transfer data from your analysis or a quest inquiry output,  dig in using the tool, and have the Free Keyword Grouper section that data for you.

If you make use of a list of keywords, it will give back a list of output related to that which you’ll find on thE Free Keyword Niche Finder. That is a good way to view a list you now possess or to study historic data on a customer’s site or an already known you may be overseeing. You can make use of those benefits The Free Keyword Niche Finder provides.

So what’s the Interesting Part?

To avoid gain saying, our fresh open tools are not flawless. Despite being free, you however have to take out a few seconds to create a free Word Stream account to be able to gain access and immediately you do, we’ll sometimes forward a significant e mail talking about the tools in particular, or about some of stuffs you might be interested in. the Free Keyword Niche Finder has its mechanism of action off our own database, and same as any keyword tool, you should be cautious not to be over dependent on keyword idea. That’s one cool thing associated with The Free Keyword Grouper, as much as you can get combined data from multiple tools, or better still your personal log file or analyzed data ( which you know to be correct) and place one beside another.

Lastly, this is just the beginning. Perhaps you’ll be making a certainly operational funded search campaigns, you need to put in more efforts developing explicit Ad groups and then observing their well-being to get an up and running funded search account structure. Well, these tools are open and operating them is stress-less and we reason that you’ll find a large volume of value in them. Peradventure, you have inquires, report or impending feature needs, kindly leave them in the commentaries.



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