PPC Ads Made Even More Prevalent on Google

Due to its nature of brining faster results and more visibility, pay per click or PPC ads have become the essence of the digital marketing world. These paid ads are becoming more prominent in Google’s SERPs making a website or businesses relatively more visible to the searchers. It is clearly a plus point for both Google and advertiser because the searchers get attuned of a particular ad’s layout and its offerings over time, as the ads keep on appearing on the browser of the searchers.

Top PPC Freelancers

That is why relevancy is the key for a successful ad campaign. The searcher is going to click on the ads only if it is highly related to their searches. When relevancy gets combined with a good position on Google ranking, it introduces an amazing as a visible source of revenue for Google as well as the advertiser.

Images Ads More Prominent

Images are more attractive to the users and hat is why Google is making these images even more prominent in paid ads. When you search for a product or service on the Google, these ads appear on the top that is the first noticeable thing on the SERPs and you find more organic results there only. Considering these facts and users’ mind set, adding high quality images to PPC ads really works. Even many reports say that users are more likely to click the ad or read a post that contains high quality and eye-catching image relevant to their search. So it is quite obvious that image rich ads are more prominent and gets comparatively more click for organic search results for the users.

Organic Results are Moving Closer to the Fold

It is true that with larger and more dominating presence of PPC ads in the SEPRs, organic results are less visible to the users. Just after clicking the search icon, they see only 2-3 results and then, they have to scroll down to find more organic results. This is because businesses are allocating more budgets to PPC ads and hiring a ppc freelancer , and according to Google’s policy; these ads took on the entire space. However, it is not a big concern. Paid Ads are also considered another type organic results and it helps user get accurate and even more relevant information that is just a click away from them. They don’t need to spend time on scrolling and scrolling down more.

White Backgrounds Help Ads Blend In

Now the PPC ads will have a white background like other organic search result images. In order to differentiate paid and organic results, paid ads will have only an orange ad image tag. With this, users can easily judge which organic results are and which are ads, and pass over them. If you are an advertiser, you can see whether the ads are getting results or searchers are clicking organic results only. This will help you improve your strategy.

Is Organic SEO Losing Its Worthiness?

The days are totally gone when some legitimate marketing efforts, focused with right keywords would bring results for many brands. Now the SEO has changed, but certainly not dead. Marketers now have to take multi-channel marketing approach to beat the cut throat competition and drive the traffic, thus bringing more revenues.

To sum up, whether your business is a product or service-based, PPC Ads must be considered in your marketing strategy.


Google has made PPC Ads widespread and appear on the top of search result pages. For advertisers, it is important to know the trends going on the PPC market to allow successful paid ad campaigns.




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