RankBrain and Its Effects on SEO Industry

Continuing its habit of algorithm change, Google launched RankBrain algorithm last year, asking dedicated SEO professionals to update themselves once again. Let’s read on to know how Rankbrain works and how is it going to affect SEO?

How RankBrain Works?

RankBrain is basically a machine learning algorithm that works on the basis of the user’s behavior. Its major purpose is to help Google understand complex and never-seen-before search queries entered by the users in the search box. This algorithm serves Google with its ability to bring results for specific keywords that are usually omitted, like the keywords including work “without”. Generally Google does not consider the word “without” while giving search results. But with the new algorithm, it includes this word in search results.

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In simple words, RankBrain doesn’t mean to replace ranking. Instead, its purpose is to give a better understanding of queries to user and generate more relevant and specific results for the searchers.

Effects of RankBrain Algorithm on SEO

Direct Impact

From the definition above, RankBrain may look super significant to the advertisers and online marketers. But, to your surprise, this is wrong. RankBrain’s impact on actual search results is not as significant as it is thought to be. Although Google states that it is the third important algorithm of Google, but experts revealed that no doubt, this new algorithm is touching all the search results, but it does not change the order of appearance of search results in front of the users.


The best thing to know is that RankBrain works regardless of language of queries. It will answer all queries appropriately entered in any language all over the world.

RankBrain Misconceptions

People have lots of misconceptions about this algorithm. Especially, from the point of SEO, people are thinking a lot about this algorithm that is absolutely not true. These misconceptions include:


Paid advertising has not been impacted by RankBrain. Like before, it does not matter how much a website spends on AdWords advertising. The role of AdWords and social media has also been untouched at all.

Social Sharing

Many SEO professionals also mention social sharing when it comes to the impacts of Rankbrain. But Google confirms that regardless of time and number a website of shared or favorite, it has nothing to do with RankBrain impacts. Like before, social sharing is not used for either the regular search algorithm or RankBrain.

Market Areas

There is no significant role of RankBrain on competitive market areas. It impacts only highly competitive search queries that are rarely searched by people.

Optimizing for RankBrain – Guide for Dedicated SEO Expert

When it comes to SEO perspective, RankBrain does not need specific ways to optimize like other ranking algorithms need. It is a bit different for optimization. All you need is to use natural language that sounds human for all types of your digital content. You can assure this by reading your content loud out and check if your content looks unnatural somewhere. Check if the content has keyword stuffing or unoriginal content anywhere. If your content seems natural, it is naturally optimized for RankBrain.

For this, you need to hire a dedicated SEO team with content expert to assure quality and natural content.


Like every other algorithm, Google’s RankBrain has also impacted search engine optimization and thus strategies of online marketers. Read this article to know the various effects of RankBrain on SEO.


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