How to Become a Great PPC Account Manager?

To become a great PPC account manager, certain qualities are essential. Check out the main skills that you should master to meet the objectives of the client or a company as a PPC account manager.

Always Ask Questions

A great account manager always asks the questions and focus on achieving conversions. You should always ask questions like How can I increase the Click through rate (CTR)? How to make the best ad copy? Are the bid adjustments working rightly? Why there is a sudden spike in the chart? This questioning is important to know why the data look the way it does. You should be proactive and do continuous testing on the account of the client to get good results and learn new things. Make a successful strategy to apply to the campaigns that can really work to get conversions. It is essential to do thorough competitor analysis and analyze the reasons for their success and apply them effectively to the campaign to achieve the same results.

Be a data driven

Paid search is a statistics game and requires mathematical skills. You should not work on the theory of mathematics but need to apply the right logic through pivot table, sorting and filters in the excel that can bring positive results. If you can study and analyze the data that can increase the conversion rate and yield profit margins, then you can become a great PPC account manager. It is very important to take a risk for decision making but if done with the right logic then you will achieve the success. Calculate the bid adjustments, decide when to pause or change bids on keywords and the time to change the ad copy etc. This will not only help to analyze the data but will help to explain the reason to the client as well.

Proper Utilization of Budget

 Budget is very important factor in paid advertising. You should try to save the budget by improving the quality score of the campaign. As better is the quality score, the less you need to pay for the click. Pause the under-performing keywords and save the client’s money. Always mark negative keywords in the campaign. Geo-targeting is very important if the client is local so it is not worthy to show the ad in the area is not the client’s target location. So always set the radii of the location for local business to target the required location in the campaign settings and save the money. Use free tools wherever it is possible. Provide tips to improve the landing page optimization, ad relevance and format of the ad and to improve the Ad rank and reduce the bid amount. Also, focus on conversion rate optimization strategies on the regular basis.

Every client wants results or positive ROI. Improve the skills mentioned in the above post and become a great pay per click manager. As these will help to establish a good and long-term relationship with the client by delivering the quality results.


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