Google analytics and Its features

Google Analytics

A freemium service of analytics for reporting and tracking the traffic the website offered by the Google Inc is known as Google Analytics. Post acquiring the Urchin, the company launched the service in November 2005. It is the best web analytics service of the world developed by the Google. The provision of basic analytical tools and statistics for search engine optimization is through a web analytics service called Google Analytics. It is helpful to increase the online presence of the websites. The sites get the highest rank on the top search results in the search engines. The service can be used if you’ve a Google account. The Google analytics is the most used web service that is used by majority of the website owners. There are numerous attractive features of Google Analytics.



The tools of motions charts, scorecards and dashboard are included in data visualization that make changes in the data. This is one of the major features of the Google Web Analytics. Segmenting the subsets and their analysis is another important feature of the Google analytics. The conversions are included in it. Developing the customized reports are also included in the Google analytics. These reports are created automatically to analyze and monitor the website. The communication and email based sharing are also the features of the Google analytics. This helps to give good online presence of the websites. All the Google products are integrated through Google analytics i.e. website optimizer, public data explorer and adwords.

Towards the medium-sized and small webpages, the Google analytics is all set to gear up. The larger enterprises and complex websites are not suitable for the Google analytics. This service isn’t best for the webpages that have been developed with the complex features. The data is collected through JavaScript that is mostly used by many of the other analytics services. The Google analytics is highly popular in all over the world with respect to its features. There is no doubt that it is trusted and best platform for getting core and statistical analytical tools. All of the major issues faced by webpages for getting higher web presence are resolved by Google analytics. it charges less and provide amazing services to the users. Gathering the information of visitors is performed by the Web Bug. This feature provide detailed stats about the old and new visitors of the websites.

The system though is not able to gather data for users who’ve disabled them due to its reliance on the cookies. Instead of analyzing all available data, Google also use sampling in its reports. There are also few security concerns of different users with the services of Google analytics. They are more concerned about the privacy of their webpages. Therefore, it is difficult for them to take any kind of risk with it. The Google analytics is keen to offer more conveniences and features to the users so that all the issues are fixed. The excellent customer support services with topnotch quality features attract users towards Google analytics.


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