SEO Guaranteed on First Page of Google – Not As Good as It Seems

Every agency will assure you to be on Google’s first page. But if you think deeply, then you will realize that it is not possible practically with such a tough competition. Then, How will you choose the right agency? The answer is simple by analyzing their strategies and factors on which SEO agency guarantees you to the first page of Google.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Targeting Long Tail Keywords.jpg

Long tail keywords are made up of four or more than four words. This is an important factor to be on the first page of Google. As there is a lot of competition so it is difficult to rank generic or short tail keywords on the top of SERPs. Long tail keywords also lead to better click through rates and conversions. Research should be based on the intent of the user and making better headlines. People get easily converted if they are looking for particular information or product and your page appears on top. So. If your agency includes long tail keyword strategy, then it can get you to the Google’s first page as well.


Focusing on High Search Volume

It’s very easy to be on the first page of Google, but What if the search volume is very low? In simple words, there are very less number of people who are actually typing the target keyword in the search engines. So if it’s showing you the top 20 keywords on the Google’s first page position in a monthly report. And you are not getting any kind of conversions, then it is targeting low search volume keywords that are of no use. So it is better not to waste money and time on it and stop its services. Hire an agency that gives you keywords with good search volume on the first page in SERPs.


Delivering Great Content

It is good to have quality content, but it’s more important to have optimized and relevant content as well. As you know-


“Content is King in SEO”


So, if you want be on the top page in SERPs in 2017 then you should have high quality content. According to Rank Brain, Google will show the most relevant results for the search query to the users. So if your agency has not built the content for the user and only for the search engines, then you will not be able to even rank.


Providing Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile friendly site should be the top priority of your agency as mobile users are increasing day by day and they are actually looking for products and services on the mobile devices. Google is giving more importance to the mobile friendly sites after AMP and Mobile First Indexing update. So if the agency is not giving you mobile friendly site and optimization, then you will surely lose your potential customers.

So ask your SEO agency about all these factors if it guarantees you to the first page of Google. If it doesn’t work on all these strategies, then better not hire it.


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