Kick Start Your Career with 6 month Industrial Training in Chandigarh- Softtrix Web Solutions


If you are looking for the best 6 months Industrial Training in Chandigarh, Softtrix Web Solutions is one of the most popular choices among the students. They have excellent trainers for students from diploma, degree and management branches.


Due to rapid expansion of IT industry in recent years, now 6 month industrial training in Chandigarh is very appealing to the students. It helps students complete their degree/diploma with job-ready skills. Thus, it increases job opportunities for the students by allowing them to work in real-life environment. It gives a chance to the student to learn the new technology by doing practical, rather than rely only on theoretical books.

Softtrix Web Solutions is a USA based IT firm that not only offers IT services, but is also known for 6 month industrial training in Chandigarh. They focus on the particular needs and interests of students. They allow students to attain the real and live industry environment, learn more and more about technology and transform them into experts in their field of interest. Their industrial training program benefits students in many ways. It’s basically a web and mobile designing and development agency. The team comprises of expert trainers shaping students to industry’s prospective leaders.

Students get excellent combination of exposure with live projects and industrial training. The company gets hundreds of national and international projects to work on. Trainees are taught by letting them work on these live projects under the supervision of expert trainers, project manager and team leader.  In this way, their industrial training programs in Chandigarh provides students a golden chance to work with developers holding a vast experience, on live projects, which is undoubtedly an excellent learning opportunity.

Their 6 month industrial training programs are for students belonging to various electronic and computer branches, and also for management students, depending on the curriculum and instructions set by the universities. In this way, regardless of their study stream, students don’t face any problem when it comes to certifications. Under their various training programs, students are taught to use different programming languages. Depending on their performance, they are allowed to work on a whole live project with the project manager. Based on the performance, companies also hire students on a permanent basis if they work excellent. Apart from training programs, students can sit in office premises and work as long as they want to use the resources provided by the company.

Core objectives of 6 months industrial training programs are:

  • Providing live working environment to the students to make them job-ready.
  • Giving them exposure to practical knowledge and experience that is much different from classroom training.
  • Turning students into future leaders in their industry.
  • Introducing them to the responsibility, rules and code ethics that are followed by the companies.
  • Giving employment to the best performing employees.

Students can take additional benefits from the extensive use of web technology in the industry that keeps them upgrades and experience the latest technical trends in the industry. Additionally, students get the opportunity to improve their communication skills.

Major training programs include: Java, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Android Development, PHP, MySQL, Advance PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and SEO.

What makes them best for industrial training?

At Softtrix Web Solutions, trainers make sure that students learn maximum from their 6 month industrial training program. If required, students are also given extra classes for better learning and allowed to use the resources for their learning. They always assist students to make them the best industry professionals. On completion of their training program, they get experience or certification letter from the company. So, if you are looking for the best 6 month industrial training program in Chandigarh, visit and be a part of IT expert team.


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