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User Experience and Its Impact on the Future of SEO

There is no doubt that Search engines are developing swiftly. It is mainly because of progressions made in machine learning. These are getting quicker and better with every single passing day. It is just because of these advancements that these search engines are catering the user’s correct results that concentrate on applicable content and UX or end-user experience.

The end-user experience and SEO

The responsibility in the end is of course to advance the experience of users. We cannot forget that what is good for customer is always good for organic search. Today, machine learning is a centrifugal power when talking about search engine algorithms. It is very helpful in the combination of search sequence. It too develops the quality of the sentimentality, content and structure.

You know marketers and agencies are spreading their horizons when talking about their approach toward SEO. They are investing an amazing deal of concentration on the end-user experience across a whole collection of assets.

Following are two attention areas which are committed to create the above mentioned concept a truth.

  1. Skills related to SEO need to be enlarged to house the end-user experience

The philosophy of Google is to improve the user experience with every new development it carries. Actually, all it wants is that the user should have the best experience. The entire credit goes to technological development and growth, Google, coupled with other main search engines, is in a better place to cater this strange vision. The concentration of catering the finest user experience to consumer shall get stronger only in the succeeding years. However, it is unfortunate that there are various marketers and SEO agencies which evade this important aspect of user experience. They don’t create it a part of their toolkit.

  1. A Direct approach is not sufficient for refining an end user experience

Earlier there used to be a trend wherein SEO experts believed in linear expedition only. The expedition begins with home page and so they concentrated all their efforts on it. However the reality is that less than fifty percent of online users begin their ride from home page of a website. It is the advice of professionals that agencies and marketers must take note of this and stop catering the end user with a sub-optimal customer experience.

With the placement of machine learning and its progression, professionals believe that signals sent by user will concentrate more conspicuously in SEO ranks. It denotes that in case proper steps are not taken, user experience shall suffer and brands will fail to optimally reach their best potential in organic SEO results. It isn’t good for them as it harms performance and conversion rates.


Thus, it is true that such a transformation is not just good for the consumer but it benefits everybody. It has to be kept in mind that productive collaboration is the need of hour for improving search engine consumer experience. Search engines shall be better positioned once searches are made at the beginning of every single purchase expedition.


How to do SEO for a Plumber Website?


Are you running a plumbing website? Looking for plumber website SEO services to increase your visibility and improve your business online? Then read this article to know the importance of SEO for your plumbing business.



Like all other small and large businesses, SEO has become very common for plumber website also. Understanding the importance of search engine optimization for online promotion and marketing of their businesses, plumbers are also trying to utilize internet marketing tactics to achieve the expected results and high ROI through the internet marketplace. This is true especially for the licensed and insured plumbers who possess specialization in jobbing or repair services. Such plumbers are casting aside old means of marketing and reaching more customers through print advertisements, flyers, etc. However, they are also moving towards taking full benefits of marketing on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of creating quality links all over the internet in organic ways in order to improve your website’s online visibility and give your website top ranking when someone searches for your services that you are offering. When it comes to plumber website SEO, it means ranking your website at top positions in search engines when people search for plumbing services. This obviously results in more visits and more business through your website because your website is shown the searchers first as they enter their queries in search engines.

Now the question is how a plumber’s website gets these results for his online website? It is recommended to hire an internet marketing expert who possesses specialization and experience in internet marketing. Also, if your marketing expert has experience in plumber website SEO, then it is a bonus point for you. No matter what your choice is, you cannot acquire results overnight after the efforts of a few hours or a few days. It is important to understand that SEO is a continuous process and you need to make ethical online marketing efforts and may need to wait for a few months to yield the expected results.

If you are also looking for plumber website SEO services, then here are four important things to start with.

  • Take a close and careful look at your website and check if it is informative or not. An informational site is one that has helpful videos and content, solving the problem of the people looking for plumbing services. Is your content updated? Have you any coupon page and is it updated? Does your website have a wonderful color combination? Having an attractive and user-friendly website compels visitors stay on your website for longer.
  • Next, the important step is to submit your website to major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. If you don’t have time to do this, then it is better to hire an internet marketing agency that can help you with this.
  • Content marketing can make a huge difference to your online marketing efforts. Write high quality and relevant articles as well as blog and submit those with high ranking websites. The title of your articles and blogs must be eye-catching and must be able to compel readers to read if fully. At the bottom, add your business’s bio with a link to your website to help readers find you easily.
  • Submit these articles on the high ranking article submission websites. Make sure that you choose a relevant location and category for article submission to allow quick indexing by search engines.

Last, but not the least, hire an expert for your plumber website SEO who is experienced and expert in this field and help you get the expected results within expected timeframe.

Top Five SEO Tactics to Promote your Product on Amazon Search Engine

When someone says “SEO”, people mostly think about Google. But, there are many large scale websites, with search boxes, that have their own search engines embedded in them. One of such largest websites holding their own search engine is Amazon.

With over 200 million products, Amazon is an online retailer giant. This platform offers people to start their Amazon related business like Amazon fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Kindle Direct Publisher or Amazon Associate, etc. Unlike Google, people use Amazon search engine to buy a specific product. So, if your product ranks #1 for a critical keyword in Amazon, it means sales for your business.

SEO Tactics to Promote your Product on Amazon Search Engine

The Amazon SEO Algorithm

Amazon’s algorithm is known as A9 that started in the year 2003 with the sole responsibility of creating better user experiences. Like Google, Amazon SEO also involves on-page and off-page practices to rank products in SERPs of this search engine.

But, there are many differences between the algorithms of Google and Amazon. Unlike Google, Amazon’s algorithm definition is to find the products that will convert the customers into sales leads. But it does not target bringing traffic to any site. Therefore, you cannot apply the same tactics on an A9 algorithm that you apply on Google and other search engines.

To help you better understand A9 algorithm, here are 5 major variables that are helpful while creating the ranking.

Immediate Sales (Darn it!)

The Amazon algorithm, A9, does not care about the number of sales made for a single product over a long period of time. But it considers only total sales occurred recently. Because of this, a few products take over a large amount of sales of other products over a short period of time. To maintain better position consistent sales are important. This must be followed during seasonal or festival occasions when people have to buy Christmas theme or Halloween theme products online.

Verified Reviews

Another most powerful variable for Amazon page ranking is a total number of verified reviews and their overall rating. A verified review means that customers not only bought the product through Amazon but also used the same account to leave reviews. Contrarily, unverified review means that a person does not have a record of buying anything from Amazon and haven’t left any review. According to Amazon, a verified review is honest and the indication of customer liking and disliking towards that product. Amazon uses verified reviews as a product ranking factor.

CTR versus CTS

Click through Rate indicates what customers are looking for. But, unlike Google, Amazon A9 algorithm takes a step further and also counts click to sales (CTS) while ranking any product page in its search results.

Sales Page Content

Content plays an important role for Amazon sales page too. Content on the sales page indicates what this page is about and similar content marketing tactics apply to Amazon also: including headers, text ration, keyword density, etc. Remember, the right placing of content and its structure is extremely important for Amazon. There are total seven areas in which keywords can be placed: page title, subtitle, product description, editorial review, product picture file name, the name of the author, editor, etc. and Amazon’s ‘special’ keyword.

Amazon ‘Special’ Keywords

While uploading your product, you will be asked for seven inbuilt keywords. When you upload your products, you have certain categories to choose between. You have to choose a specific category that is related to your products with those special keywords.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can implement an ideal Amazon SEO for your products.


Amazon SEO is important when you upload your product on this large scale e-commerce site. Here are five most important factors that you must consider while uploading your products on Amazon.

RankBrain and Its Effects on SEO Industry

Continuing its habit of algorithm change, Google launched RankBrain algorithm last year, asking dedicated SEO professionals to update themselves once again. Let’s read on to know how Rankbrain works and how is it going to affect SEO?

How RankBrain Works?

RankBrain is basically a machine learning algorithm that works on the basis of the user’s behavior. Its major purpose is to help Google understand complex and never-seen-before search queries entered by the users in the search box. This algorithm serves Google with its ability to bring results for specific keywords that are usually omitted, like the keywords including work “without”. Generally Google does not consider the word “without” while giving search results. But with the new algorithm, it includes this word in search results.

SEO Techinques 2016

In simple words, RankBrain doesn’t mean to replace ranking. Instead, its purpose is to give a better understanding of queries to user and generate more relevant and specific results for the searchers.

Effects of RankBrain Algorithm on SEO

Direct Impact

From the definition above, RankBrain may look super significant to the advertisers and online marketers. But, to your surprise, this is wrong. RankBrain’s impact on actual search results is not as significant as it is thought to be. Although Google states that it is the third important algorithm of Google, but experts revealed that no doubt, this new algorithm is touching all the search results, but it does not change the order of appearance of search results in front of the users.


The best thing to know is that RankBrain works regardless of language of queries. It will answer all queries appropriately entered in any language all over the world.

RankBrain Misconceptions

People have lots of misconceptions about this algorithm. Especially, from the point of SEO, people are thinking a lot about this algorithm that is absolutely not true. These misconceptions include:


Paid advertising has not been impacted by RankBrain. Like before, it does not matter how much a website spends on AdWords advertising. The role of AdWords and social media has also been untouched at all.

Social Sharing

Many SEO professionals also mention social sharing when it comes to the impacts of Rankbrain. But Google confirms that regardless of time and number a website of shared or favorite, it has nothing to do with RankBrain impacts. Like before, social sharing is not used for either the regular search algorithm or RankBrain.

Market Areas

There is no significant role of RankBrain on competitive market areas. It impacts only highly competitive search queries that are rarely searched by people.

Optimizing for RankBrain – Guide for Dedicated SEO Expert

When it comes to SEO perspective, RankBrain does not need specific ways to optimize like other ranking algorithms need. It is a bit different for optimization. All you need is to use natural language that sounds human for all types of your digital content. You can assure this by reading your content loud out and check if your content looks unnatural somewhere. Check if the content has keyword stuffing or unoriginal content anywhere. If your content seems natural, it is naturally optimized for RankBrain.

For this, you need to hire a dedicated SEO team with content expert to assure quality and natural content.


Like every other algorithm, Google’s RankBrain has also impacted search engine optimization and thus strategies of online marketers. Read this article to know the various effects of RankBrain on SEO.

10 Red Flags That Signal Dodgy SEO Service?

Are you tempted by an SEO service provider claiming “guaranteed SEO services”? As said by many experts and experienced by business owners, guarantee is the signal of dishonesty in the world of Internet marketing. Besides these, here are ten other red flags of dodge SEO service providers that may leave you in ruins. Read and follow these carefully.

10 Bad SEO Tactics

10 Signs of Poor SEO Service Providers

Poor and Duplicate Content

If you are noticing similar content with minor changes everywhere – in Meta descriptions of various products, ad copies, etc., then your service provider may be practicing poor and duplicate content for your website. Simply, copy a sentence from any post, put it in double quotes and search it on Google. If you get huge search results for this, it means something is bad with your content.

Outdated SEO Tactics

If you ever get doubtful that your service provider is using old tactics and is not updated with the latest information, just run away from them. Keep yourself little updated with SEO knowledge, though you don’t have to an expert.

All You Get Is Blog Posts

Remember, blog post is just a single and important element of search engine optimization. If your expert is loading the web or your website with blog posts only, it means something is really wrong with him or her.

Artificially Lowered Bounce Rate

Bounce rate represents your visitor’s engagement. If your SEO provider promises to lower bounce rate, ask them how they’re going to do this. All dodge providers artificially lower the bounce rate by adding a script that pings Google Analytics thousands of times a day showing that a user is on the page. It is really of no use.

A la carte SEO Services

A fully established SEO service package includes everything required to improve your visibility on the Internet. A good service provider knows that you don’t know anything about how to increase visibility. If your service provider gives you a menu of services and asks you to make your own package, that’s not a good deal.

Guaranteed SEO Services

As mentioned above, the guarantee is suspicious of low quality services and dishonest service provider. Even the top companies in India provide guaranteed SEO services India but they do not guarantee #1 rankings.

Cheap SEO

SEO is not cheap. A good search engine optimization requires a whole team of on-page experts, off-page optimizers, and content writers, designer to work together. Also, you need a few paid tools and all this involves expenses – a significant amount of money. So, it’s never cheap.

Setup fees for SEO

There are no setup fees involved in SEO. But if your provider asks you for this, ask them why and how they are going to use it. This is just the way of making extra money from clients. No matter what, never pay any setup fees.

No access to Google Analytics

If your provider refuses to give you access to your Google Analytics account, just go away from them as fast as possible. There is no reason why your provider should deny this. Also, if your provider doesn’t ask for a Google Analytics account, set up by you, avoid them. What they are going to do if they don’t use Google Analytics?

No monthly reporting

Your provider must provider SEO reports on a regular basis. A good report includes not only keyword ranking, but also shows organic traffic and lead trends over time.


If you end up hiring a dishonest SEO provider or someone who guarantees SEO services in India, it will be a total waste of your investment. Keep certain things in mind and choose a provider who is far from the red signals of poor services.

Offshore SEO Agency: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

When we talk about offshore SEO agency, I’m sure you knew enough about the Meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime. If you’re in need of some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you’ll have to follow these step by step guides that will bring in more search engine traffic from every piece of content that you publish. These are my view on the offshore SEO agency insights:


  1. Make Use of SEO Friendly URLs

Google has stated that the first 3-5 words in a URL are given more important so make your URLs short, straightforward, meaningful, and sweet and always include your target keyword in your URL.

Use pretty URLs:

Avoid the use of long URLs:

  1. You Need to Start Title with Keyword

Your title tag is important in offshore SEO agency. Thus, the closer your keyword is to your title tag, the more important it has with search engines.

  1. Use Modifiers to Your Title

The use of modifiers like 2016, cool, buy, and review can help to inform users on what to expect on your web page.

  1. Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag

H1 tag (Heading tag) give the user a clear idea of what your page content is all about, automatically add the H1 tag to your blog post title and it gives you a quick overview of the content. If that’s the case, you’re all set. But some themes interrupt this setting. Check your website’s code to make sure your title gets the H1 tag love it deserves.

  1. Dazzle with Multimedia

Content is more than just text, so think about what type of visual content you can incorporate into your page. Engaging avatars, videos, and diagrams also increase your target audience.

  1. Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags

Insert your target keyword in at least once in the subheading. H2 is the subheadings of H1 use it to divide content and wrap it in an H2 tag both Google and your audience will like it.

  1. Insert Keyword in First 100 Words

Your keyword should visible in the first 100 words of your article.

  1. Use Responsive Design

Large numbers of people use either smartphones or tablets to browse the internet, it is important to create a website which works across multiple platforms. Responsive design boosts the chance of websites succeeding

  1. Use Outbound Links

These are links that direct you to another specific web page or website altogether and it also helps boost the confidence and quality of your site which plays an important role in your blog.

  1. Use Internal Links

Great content attracts internal links, this is one of the major elements of your SEO strategy. Use 2 to 3 links in every post.

  1. Boost Site or blog Speed

You can increase your site speed by using a CDN, compressing  your website images, and switching to faster hosting. Make sure your site do not use more than 4 seconds to load

  1. Sprinkle LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are keys that Google uses to determine relevantly and quality page in the search engine. Sprinkle the keywords into every post.

  1. Image Optimization

At least one image or screenshot file name must be used in your target keyword for example, offshore_SEO.png and that target keyword is part of your image Alt Text.

  1. Make Use of Social Sharing Buttons

Social shares generate more audience on your content and the more audience you get; the more likely users are linked with you. So use social sharing buttons prominently on your site.

  1. Post Long Content

Long content, on average earns more engagement, higher rankings, and more shares on Google`s first page than short content.

  1. Boost Dwell Time

Google uses dwell time to size up your contents quality. Boost your average dwell time by writing long, relevant and engaging content that keeps your audience reading.

Other few more important offshore SEO agency factors that I didn’t have room to include are:

  • Quality content
  • Encourage blog comments
The most effective method to locate the right keywords for search engine optimization

The most effective method to locate the right keywords for search engine optimization

 The keywords which you decide for your website SEO (search engine optimization) exercises are a vital component that impacts the accomplishment of your campaigns. Which keywords would it be a good idea for you to pick and in what capacity would it be advisable for you to utilize these keywords?

Best Google Keywords

Individuals use diverse search phrases

There are n-number of various ways to search —-as there are diverse individuals.

A few searchers use section queries, for example, “fix coffee maker”. Others utilize more particular queries, for example, “why isn’t my coffee maker turning on” or “trouble shoot coffee maker (brand name)”.

Although majority searches utilize two-word queries, the picked words differ a ton. People have different search criteria and they phrase their queries in precise ways.

What this implies to you?

The keywords with which you come up first won’t be the same ones that your clients utilize. Try not to expect that other individuals will utilize the same search terms as you to take care of the same issue.

Numerous searchers phrase their queries like a question

A few searchers pose a question while others create a statement. Around 33% of searchers phrase their queries as a question (‘how, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘which’). The vast majority utilize a non-question structure.

“How” queries are more mainstream than “why” questions. A query term, for example, ‘How would I fix my coffee maker?’ will probably be utilized than ‘Why is my coffee maker not working?’. Individuals are looking for solutions, instead of causes.

What this implies to you?

In the event that your website contains pages that answer specific questions, it is more probable that these pages will be ranked for these queries.

There are distinctive research stages with various search terms

 At the point when web surfers need to buy something on the web, they undergo three research stages. Searchers as a rule begin with general keywords.

Searchers in the research stage need particular info. They need a brisk solution and not point by point clarifications. Make educating content which targets web surfers in various research stages.

Keyword research tools are a decent begin

To get huge number of targeted visitors, you need to create well defined methodologies for the individual ways people search.

Keyword research tools can help a great deal to get new keyword ideas for your business. In any case, you shouldn’t depend exclusively on them. Be innovative when you pick the keyword for your website pages.

Don’t vision how searchers may decide to phrase a query. Phrases change, usually widely, starting with one searcher then onto the next.

Individuals are distinctive. The more pages your website contain, the more probable it is that one of these pages cater the requirements of a specific searcher. Make diverse pages on your site that depict distinctive parts of your products and services.

The tools in Google Keyword Planner help you to discover great keywords for your business. They likewise help you to optimize your pages for these keywords. In the event that you haven’t done it yet, go for Google Keyword Planner today. Alternatively the way forward is to —outsource local SEO.