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Kick Start Your Career with 6 month Industrial Training in Chandigarh- Softtrix Web Solutions


If you are looking for the best 6 months Industrial Training in Chandigarh, Softtrix Web Solutions is one of the most popular choices among the students. They have excellent trainers for students from diploma, degree and management branches.


Due to rapid expansion of IT industry in recent years, now 6 month industrial training in Chandigarh is very appealing to the students. It helps students complete their degree/diploma with job-ready skills. Thus, it increases job opportunities for the students by allowing them to work in real-life environment. It gives a chance to the student to learn the new technology by doing practical, rather than rely only on theoretical books.

Softtrix Web Solutions is a USA based IT firm that not only offers IT services, but is also known for 6 month industrial training in Chandigarh. They focus on the particular needs and interests of students. They allow students to attain the real and live industry environment, learn more and more about technology and transform them into experts in their field of interest. Their industrial training program benefits students in many ways. It’s basically a web and mobile designing and development agency. The team comprises of expert trainers shaping students to industry’s prospective leaders.

Students get excellent combination of exposure with live projects and industrial training. The company gets hundreds of national and international projects to work on. Trainees are taught by letting them work on these live projects under the supervision of expert trainers, project manager and team leader.  In this way, their industrial training programs in Chandigarh provides students a golden chance to work with developers holding a vast experience, on live projects, which is undoubtedly an excellent learning opportunity.

Their 6 month industrial training programs are for students belonging to various electronic and computer branches, and also for management students, depending on the curriculum and instructions set by the universities. In this way, regardless of their study stream, students don’t face any problem when it comes to certifications. Under their various training programs, students are taught to use different programming languages. Depending on their performance, they are allowed to work on a whole live project with the project manager. Based on the performance, companies also hire students on a permanent basis if they work excellent. Apart from training programs, students can sit in office premises and work as long as they want to use the resources provided by the company.

Core objectives of 6 months industrial training programs are:

  • Providing live working environment to the students to make them job-ready.
  • Giving them exposure to practical knowledge and experience that is much different from classroom training.
  • Turning students into future leaders in their industry.
  • Introducing them to the responsibility, rules and code ethics that are followed by the companies.
  • Giving employment to the best performing employees.

Students can take additional benefits from the extensive use of web technology in the industry that keeps them upgrades and experience the latest technical trends in the industry. Additionally, students get the opportunity to improve their communication skills.

Major training programs include: Java, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Android Development, PHP, MySQL, Advance PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and SEO.

What makes them best for industrial training?

At Softtrix Web Solutions, trainers make sure that students learn maximum from their 6 month industrial training program. If required, students are also given extra classes for better learning and allowed to use the resources for their learning. They always assist students to make them the best industry professionals. On completion of their training program, they get experience or certification letter from the company. So, if you are looking for the best 6 month industrial training program in Chandigarh, visit and be a part of IT expert team.


How to Get Local Citations for Your Business?

There are many places where local citations are mentioned about your local business. First of all, let’s understand the meaning of citation.


What are Citations in SEO?

A citation simply mentions your business name, address, phone number and website aka NAP+W.

Every local business should build local citations that not only increases the visibility of the business, but also strengthen the trust flow and the citation flow of the site. These help search engines to trust the validity and existence of a business. High-quality and authoritative local SEO citations are one of the ranking factors in search engines.

So, check out the various ways of getting local citations for your business.


Role of Data Aggregators

Many times people are often surprised with the business listings on Google and Bing that displays incorrect information even after claiming it on the search engines like Google & Bing. The reason for this is search engines pull data from other sources known as Data Aggregators. Infogroup, Localeze, Acxiom, Neustar and Factual are the main data aggregators. They syndicate their data to search engines including Bing and Google. So it is important to have the accurate local citations on these aggregators.


Search Engines

It is important to have an accurate name, address, phone number and website on the local search engines. So build citations on the main search engines- Google and Bing. If the information is inaccurate, then correct them by claiming the business listing. Also, remove the duplicate listings on these search engines to have accurate local search citations. Listing on sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Hotfrog, and others can improve the trust and the citation flow of your site and accuracy of name, address, phone number and website across the web.


Listing on Business Directories

List your business on the important local directories based on their authority and relevant traffic. In USA Yelp, Foursquare, express update, yellow pages, manta, Superpages, are main business directories. Try to have accurate citations on as many directories as possible as this data is pulled by search engines. Search these directories by following search query operators like “best business directories + your city” or “best business directories + your state” or “best business directories + your country”.


Listing on Web Directories

You can also list your business on web directories. Directories are important platforms for building link popularity as it helps to improve search engine ranking. Search them by using the following operators “best web directories + your city” or “best web directories + your state” or “best web directories + your country”.


Niche specific Directories

If a website has categories including topics and keywords related to your products and services, then it will be crawled by the local search engines for citations. Also, it will be easy to get the online visibility in a quick time. You can search it by typing a “Your industry + directory” or “Your Keyword + directory”.

So follow these methods to get citations for your local business and get a chance to appear higher in SERPs quickly especially if you have a new website.

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White Label SEO Services: 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Them

Hiring the wrong white label SEO service can ruin your search engine optimization and marketing efforts. So, check out the mistakes that should avoid while hiring them.

Promises to Deliver Fast Results

SEO is the process that shows results after working for a long time. It’s not a kind of marketing tactic that’s going to have immediate results on ROI. But if white label SEO service provider is promising you to deliver immediate results, then he is using black hat techniques for sure. So, better not to hire him. As it is said-


“Slow And Steady Wins The Race – Robert Llyod”

 SEO if done effectively with slow pace it will have long-term benefits and positive results on ROI.


Guarantees Your Keyword Rankings

 Many White Label SEO services are based on providing you a monthly report with the list of keywords that are ranking on the first page or top 30 or top 50. The report includes the traffic details from different sources with no scope of any kind of conversions. It’s good to rank on the first page and get traffic, but then What’s Next? Are these services focusing on maximizing conversions? It’s very important for the services to provide quality results in the form of lead or sale. So it’s a mistake to hire such white label SEO services who can’t contribute in the ROI of the business.


Give You Unrealistic Expectations  

 SEO is a slow process. If services are promising you to deliver the results in just 15 or 30 days, then they are really just interested in taking the contract. As quality services are based on delivering results based on goals, strategy, competition in your industry and great planning. So avoid taking such services as they will only disappoint you, waste your money and time and harm your website by aggressive SEO methods.


No Experience

If the services are not experienced, then it can have adverse effects on the client’s site and will harm your reputation and services too. SEO changes frequently and if the services are not based on the latest, trendy and white hat SEO techniques then it is of no use. Quality SEO services come from experience, knowledge of different domain and continuous improvement by learning through failures. If the service is a result driven, then you can build good relationship with the clients and earn good revenue. But at the same time if the services are not of high standard quality, it can affect your brand reputation as well. So, do a thorough research to select the right kind of white label SEO services having good experience in this field. As it is under your logo and brand name.

To sum up, hire the white label SEO services that can give you result oriented service. As it can make your client happy and satisfied rather than service that promises fast results and unrealistic expectations. They should have good experience in the online industry and are not just data driven. But they know how to convert them into conversions.

SEO Guaranteed on First Page of Google – Not As Good as It Seems

Every agency will assure you to be on Google’s first page. But if you think deeply, then you will realize that it is not possible practically with such a tough competition. Then, How will you choose the right agency? The answer is simple by analyzing their strategies and factors on which SEO agency guarantees you to the first page of Google.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Targeting Long Tail Keywords.jpg

Long tail keywords are made up of four or more than four words. This is an important factor to be on the first page of Google. As there is a lot of competition so it is difficult to rank generic or short tail keywords on the top of SERPs. Long tail keywords also lead to better click through rates and conversions. Research should be based on the intent of the user and making better headlines. People get easily converted if they are looking for particular information or product and your page appears on top. So. If your agency includes long tail keyword strategy, then it can get you to the Google’s first page as well.


Focusing on High Search Volume

It’s very easy to be on the first page of Google, but What if the search volume is very low? In simple words, there are very less number of people who are actually typing the target keyword in the search engines. So if it’s showing you the top 20 keywords on the Google’s first page position in a monthly report. And you are not getting any kind of conversions, then it is targeting low search volume keywords that are of no use. So it is better not to waste money and time on it and stop its services. Hire an agency that gives you keywords with good search volume on the first page in SERPs.


Delivering Great Content

It is good to have quality content, but it’s more important to have optimized and relevant content as well. As you know-


“Content is King in SEO”


So, if you want be on the top page in SERPs in 2017 then you should have high quality content. According to Rank Brain, Google will show the most relevant results for the search query to the users. So if your agency has not built the content for the user and only for the search engines, then you will not be able to even rank.


Providing Mobile Friendly Site

Mobile friendly site should be the top priority of your agency as mobile users are increasing day by day and they are actually looking for products and services on the mobile devices. Google is giving more importance to the mobile friendly sites after AMP and Mobile First Indexing update. So if the agency is not giving you mobile friendly site and optimization, then you will surely lose your potential customers.

So ask your SEO agency about all these factors if it guarantees you to the first page of Google. If it doesn’t work on all these strategies, then better not hire it.

Google analytics and Its features

Google Analytics

A freemium service of analytics for reporting and tracking the traffic the website offered by the Google Inc is known as Google Analytics. Post acquiring the Urchin, the company launched the service in November 2005. It is the best web analytics service of the world developed by the Google. The provision of basic analytical tools and statistics for search engine optimization is through a web analytics service called Google Analytics. It is helpful to increase the online presence of the websites. The sites get the highest rank on the top search results in the search engines. The service can be used if you’ve a Google account. The Google analytics is the most used web service that is used by majority of the website owners. There are numerous attractive features of Google Analytics.



The tools of motions charts, scorecards and dashboard are included in data visualization that make changes in the data. This is one of the major features of the Google Web Analytics. Segmenting the subsets and their analysis is another important feature of the Google analytics. The conversions are included in it. Developing the customized reports are also included in the Google analytics. These reports are created automatically to analyze and monitor the website. The communication and email based sharing are also the features of the Google analytics. This helps to give good online presence of the websites. All the Google products are integrated through Google analytics i.e. website optimizer, public data explorer and adwords.

Towards the medium-sized and small webpages, the Google analytics is all set to gear up. The larger enterprises and complex websites are not suitable for the Google analytics. This service isn’t best for the webpages that have been developed with the complex features. The data is collected through JavaScript that is mostly used by many of the other analytics services. The Google analytics is highly popular in all over the world with respect to its features. There is no doubt that it is trusted and best platform for getting core and statistical analytical tools. All of the major issues faced by webpages for getting higher web presence are resolved by Google analytics. it charges less and provide amazing services to the users. Gathering the information of visitors is performed by the Web Bug. This feature provide detailed stats about the old and new visitors of the websites.

The system though is not able to gather data for users who’ve disabled them due to its reliance on the cookies. Instead of analyzing all available data, Google also use sampling in its reports. There are also few security concerns of different users with the services of Google analytics. They are more concerned about the privacy of their webpages. Therefore, it is difficult for them to take any kind of risk with it. The Google analytics is keen to offer more conveniences and features to the users so that all the issues are fixed. The excellent customer support services with topnotch quality features attract users towards Google analytics.

How to Become a Great PPC Account Manager?

To become a great PPC account manager, certain qualities are essential. Check out the main skills that you should master to meet the objectives of the client or a company as a PPC account manager.

Always Ask Questions

A great account manager always asks the questions and focus on achieving conversions. You should always ask questions like How can I increase the Click through rate (CTR)? How to make the best ad copy? Are the bid adjustments working rightly? Why there is a sudden spike in the chart? This questioning is important to know why the data look the way it does. You should be proactive and do continuous testing on the account of the client to get good results and learn new things. Make a successful strategy to apply to the campaigns that can really work to get conversions. It is essential to do thorough competitor analysis and analyze the reasons for their success and apply them effectively to the campaign to achieve the same results.

Be a data driven

Paid search is a statistics game and requires mathematical skills. You should not work on the theory of mathematics but need to apply the right logic through pivot table, sorting and filters in the excel that can bring positive results. If you can study and analyze the data that can increase the conversion rate and yield profit margins, then you can become a great PPC account manager. It is very important to take a risk for decision making but if done with the right logic then you will achieve the success. Calculate the bid adjustments, decide when to pause or change bids on keywords and the time to change the ad copy etc. This will not only help to analyze the data but will help to explain the reason to the client as well.

Proper Utilization of Budget

 Budget is very important factor in paid advertising. You should try to save the budget by improving the quality score of the campaign. As better is the quality score, the less you need to pay for the click. Pause the under-performing keywords and save the client’s money. Always mark negative keywords in the campaign. Geo-targeting is very important if the client is local so it is not worthy to show the ad in the area is not the client’s target location. So always set the radii of the location for local business to target the required location in the campaign settings and save the money. Use free tools wherever it is possible. Provide tips to improve the landing page optimization, ad relevance and format of the ad and to improve the Ad rank and reduce the bid amount. Also, focus on conversion rate optimization strategies on the regular basis.

Every client wants results or positive ROI. Improve the skills mentioned in the above post and become a great pay per click manager. As these will help to establish a good and long-term relationship with the client by delivering the quality results.

SEO Reseller Programs you should know about

Before digging deep into SEO reseller services we should know who SEO reseller is? Basically, SEO reseller is an individual or a company who provides all SEO services within flexible and affordable packages. One question rises here, and that is what should be the parameters to judge whether you should take that service or not.

Following are some best SEO Reseller Programs which you should definitely look at.

  • Marketer’s Center

One of the best SEO Reseller programs available on the web. You can check the feedbacks of their clients on the website. Marketer’s Center has lots of satisfied clients which shows the credibility of the company. Main reasons why this is one of best in this category are:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Transparent reporting
  • Trustworthy
  • Quality services


  • Hubshout

If you are looking for most affordable SEO reseller, Hubshout should be your first priority. You can see the demo of their software in the official site of Hubshout. The company provides services like PPC, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO and E-mail marketing.

  • SEOreseller

SEOreseller has most of the clients from the USA and is one of the rising SEO reseller company. Services provided by this company includes SMM, Link building, Agency Migration and more. You can explore more about the company by visiting their site.

  • Textlinkbrokers

A bit expensive but one of the best company when it comes to link building. The company was founded in 2003 and from that it has helped lots of SEO companies with the services. They are not confined to link building; the company also provides services like guest posting services and social media management.

Whenever you want to hire SEO reseller, look for the following factors:

Someone who is trustworthy:-

You should look for the person who is doing this for so long and has bundle experience in online reviews. He/she will be communicating with your clients so if anything goes wrong, you will lose your clients as well. Therefore choose one who knows how to handle mistakes properly.

Someone who delivers on time:-

This is the must have a thing for that person if he/she can’t guarantee you a timeline don’t waste your time and money on that guy. Deadlines are key in a business so if you will meet them you will see your business flourish.

Someone who is result-oriented:-

Obviously, you need results; if your online business is not getting results you should take a look at your SEO service provider.

The role of SEO resellers does not end after they sell their SEO services. Everyone should be satisfied with the services they are providing. A good SEO reseller should ensure that the business is flourishing with more clients.


That’s it, you have just read out the basic things about SEO Reseller Services. Never compromise over these services and you see your business flourishing. Keep in mind above mentioned factors when hiring SEO Reseller and you will be all good. Also give above mentioned companies a look and choose the one which suits your marketing strategy.